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golfcom.pngTop 100 Teacher Lou Guzzi shows you how to sink more putts
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September 2014  -- Eyeloc named GolfTalkLive radio product of the month.   EyeLoc is a national award winner since the successful launch at the 2014 PGA Merchandise Show in January.  Now, the final product is available for purchase.



EyeLoc Wins Prestigious Best Product Award at 2014 ING Conference










EyeLoc Unveils Latest Vision Technology at 2014 PGA Merchandise Show

Pawling, NY) - According to a recent independent study, the putting stroke is used more frequently than any other swing during a round of golf. It is a critical part of the game. Ask any PGA Teaching Professional what the single, largest technical cause of missed putts is and they’ll tell you that its head and/or eye movement. Even the smallest movement of the head or eyes during the putting stroke can be fatal to your putting results.

Putting and chipping are all about precision, consistency, and accuracy. It’s about keeping both your head and your eyes still and focused on the ball in order to make consistent, square contact every time. Our eyes provide us with a central point of focus and an accurate perception of the ball’s location. Making sure your head and eyes are still and locked on the ball is the key to successfully executing a proper putting stroke and chip shot.

At the 2014 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida, one company will demonstrate the importance of controlling your central point of focus in order to achieve the perfect putting and chipping stroke every time. EyeLoc Head Gear is revolutionary eyewear designed as a training aid to help keep a player’s eye locked on the ball. By adjusting the vertical lines on the patented sliding lenses to your exact PD (Pupillary Distance), the two lines become one laser sharp line. This provides you with instant feedback and helps you detect even the slightest head or eye movement as the ball moves outside of the line.

EyeLoc Head Gear is available in two sizes, Medium and Large (to accommodate any PD) and the frames come in two colors; Yellow and Black both with three lens choices; Dark Gray Smoke, Light Gray and Yellow .

Media members are encouraged to visit EyeLoc during the PGA Show Demo Day on Putting Green #1 or at Booth #787 during the 2014 PGA Merchandise Show and pick up their FREE pair of EyeLoc Head Gear to field test for an editorial review.

Media members interested in more information about EyeLoc should contact: mg-logo.png

Joe Wieczorek (joe@themediagroupinc.com) of The Media Group at (847) 956-9090



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