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EyeLoc Golf Gear

EyeLoc Golf Gear

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Product Description

Quiet Eye Putting with EyeLoc

Simply put on the EyeLoc trainer and turn the dials above the patented sliding lenses until you see the two vertical lines become one laser sharp line.  Keep the ball within that line throughout your putting stroke and EyeLoc provides instant feedback on the slightest unwanted head or eye movement. EyeLoc also lines you up square to target.

Full Swing Shots with EyeLoc

Full swing shots require slight head movement but you still want your eye locked on the ball at impact. Adjust the EyeLoc lenses to their widest position. Now your ball sits between two comfortably spaced lines giving your head freedom to move but still sending instant feedback if that movement becomes excessive and pulls your eye off the ball.

Highest Quality Lens

These Multipurpose patent-pending training glasses are for both indoor and outdoor lighting conditions. Moulded from Grilamide TR90, a thermoplastic polyamide, the unisex frames are strong, flexible and lightweight. The  lenses are impact resistant with excellent optical clarity. A hard case with an inner soft sleeve are included.

EyeLoc is designed so one size (adult) fits all men and women comfortably


Model MBG-1




Warranty Information

EyeLoc products are warranted for one year from the date of purchase against manufacturer’s defects. The warranty is valid only to the original purchaser with a proof of purchase that clearly shows the purchase date. We do not warrant against any lens scratches. Alteration, misuse, abuse, will void this warranty.

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  1. moved your head straight to eyeloc, and it wont move again.

    kenny jones (Submitted on 1st Aug 2015)

    superb training tool, i pulled and pushed my irons shots from over swaying, the glasses helped me focus on the fault and fix it quickly. as for my putting superb in my opinion best training aid i have tried.

  2. Great teaching aid!

    Mo Dichard (Submitted on 30th Dec 2014)

    This is a great aid for any golf professional to use when giving putting lessons. As former golf professional, I found giving putting lessons was one of the difficult things to teach. Feel in the stroke is one thing , having a student keep his head still through the stroke was a tough thing to teach without placing your hand or club on his or her head. Now with the sun glasses it's an easy and immediate fix and one the student can can SEE. As a player I can see the benefit of using the glasses in practice for everyone. I would recommend for all levels of player ability.

  3. Great, great product!!!!

    Unknown (Submitted on 18th Dec 2014)

    Great great product!!!! Finally a training aid that gets right to the point of keeping your head still or your eyes on the ball.
    Even the advice "keep your head still", doesn't quite solve what the real problem is which actually is with your eyes remaining focused on the ball.
    For you will have some natural head movement during the full swing (e.g Annika Sorenstam, in her hayday) however I bet Annika's eyes remained steady on the same spot she was trying to target.
    Also the best thing about this product is it's biofeedback and it's subtleness (it doesn't draw attention to you when using it!!

  4. It works ! Got one for my Dad

    Jamie, Jacksonville FL (Submitted on 3rd Dec 2014)

    I gave this to my father for a Fathers Day Gift. He LOVED it and even said his putting and chipping improved on the first day. I tried it too and after practicing in my house for just a short time decided to buy one for myself too. I'm even trying it with my iron shots now. Glad to finally get a training aid that is not a gimmick - this really works. I think it will cut 5+ strokes off my game well worth the cost.

  5. Nice product

    Tom (Submitted on 3rd Dec 2014)

    Got these as a gift I think this is a great product, but unfortunately I wear very strong eyeglasses so I cannot see the line clearly. The folks at eyeloc told me they will have a new version for people like me soon, and will call when it's available. I think this would be a great thing for people that either don't wear glasses, wear contacts, or have only minor eye prescriptions. I look forward to getting a pair when they come out. Very innovative and easy to use - my wife tried my pair and said it helped her putting a lot.

  6. So Simple

    Randy (Submitted on 31st Aug 2014)

    I really like how simple this is, no gimmick here, it just works as promised. Putting better already and its only been 4 days. I can imagine using this whenever my putting get out of whack. Saved me a few stroked this weekend, Well worth it.

  7. I am amazed at how simple and effective this is

    Bill (Submitted on 31st Aug 2014)

    I'm a 19 handicap and started using this for just a few minutes on the practice putting green before I play golf and occasionally use it at home. The results were almost immediate, I didn't think I moved my head when I putt by Eyeloc showed me that I really do. Now I know how to keep my head still and I am sinking more 4-8 footers and I had no 3 putts on my last round. Really happy and the hard case is nice too.

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